Smart Add-ons

Not all solar production can be consumed as it's generated.  Excess power will be sent to the grid at a fraction of its purchase price.
Consider exploring some of the various solutions to capture that excess production for your home.



Heat-pump hot water storage

Air is drawn in via the heat pump, passing ambient air across the evaporator.
This functions just like a split system air conditioner and can use as little as 25% of a standard
Electric Storage unit.
The unit can be programmed to function during daylight hours, making great use of excess solar production.

- Manufactured China
- Glass lined tank, 5 Year warranty
- Refrigerant & Electrical, 2 Years
- Sacrificial components, 1 Year
- Parts & Labour




Suitable for electric Hot Water Storage services no greater than 4.8kW in size.
A great solution for diverting excess solar production to offset one of the home's most
energy hungry services.

*Not suitable for heat pumps which operate on a motor.




This equipment is ahead of its time for the Perth market.  Currently being used in the eastern states to allow homes to make
the most of 'Time of Use' tariffs set by the numerous energy retailers.  Reposit power predicts daily usage based on your prior history, monitors local weather forecasts and predicts the most effective way to manage your solar production.  With the addition of
batteries in the coming years, this hardware has the smarts to self manage your battery in the most economical way.

Reposit Power will truly prove itself invuluable once the WA energy market evolves to what we see on the east coast today.



Immersion Water Heater CONTROLLER

Incorporated in to existing SolarEdge systems,  the unit operates via Wifi allowing for excess
production to be diverted to an electric hot water service.