Fronius Smart Meter

Single & Three Phase

Fronius offer an in-house solution for consumption monitoring your site.  This data coincides with the solar production, allowing customers to refine their usage habits and size a suitable storage solution.


Solar Analytics

3G remote monitoring

This unique product allows clients to collect important consumption data on a site that may not have comms access to a remote point of supply.  Very useful for initial consultations on commercial applications.


Reposit Power

Smart Home at its finest

Reposit is in a league of its own but comes with a price tag to match. 
Personally used at Lloyd's house.  Used to study the users habits, predict future usage patterns, monitoring local weather forecasts and working around peak tariffs.  This magic box will manage the storage cycling patterns with your best interests in mind.


WattsClever EW4500

Real time consumption data on a budget

A simple solution for developing an understanding on how to use your solar production.  Set it up in a common area of the home to note when you begin to consume more than you are producing.