System Maintenance

All of our systems are designed to consider the negative effects from the elements.
But just like a new car, you can take measures to ensure your investment can sustain its longevity.


Cleaning & Inspection

To offer a service we felt was essentially window cleaning was not good enough. We have spent years sourcing the best possible product we can put our name to. Cleaning off dirt and grime is one thing, but truly maintaining the surfaces is the key.

We offer a solution to combat the effects of the coastal environment which contains active corrosion inhibitors whilst having no detrimental effects on the framing seals.

Allowing us return access to site throughout the systems lifetime will enable us to conduct visual inspections of the rooftop DC wiring.
Spotting potential movements or changes to cable locations can make a world of difference for the integrity of the electrical components. Though hidden by direct sunlight, the weathering effects of ambient light become more prevalent over time.


Faulty System?

As a CEC accredited, electrical contractor, we are fully equipped to carry out system repairs.
This is particularly helpful if you own a FRONIUS inverter.
As our brand of choice, we have teamed up as a Fronius Service Provider which allows us to carry sensitive equipment
not offered to a standard repairer. This enables us to log and potentially resolve system faults on the spot, saving
clients unnecessary system down time.


System re-commissioning

As part of your owners documentation, you should have been provided with a maintenance document published by
the Clean Energy Council covering essential checks.

We note to our client base to ensure the 5 Year Electrical & Mechanical integrity Inspections are undertaken
to ensure they meet their warranty obligations.

This should also be considered as part of a property sale under Annexure ‘B’.