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Choose Wisely

Choosing the right solar installer can be like playing a game of snakes and ladders - you have to make choices based on the right criteria if you want to get the best outcome for your solar investment.

Our video explains what are the less obvious points that you should consider that will bring a good outcome for you.


Invest in solar for a better tomorrow

It is truly important when making such an important decision that you have all the right information.

We can show you how the right choices you make when choosing a solar installation can have an positive impact and support your investment in the long term. You can feel assured that with the advice and quality installation you get from SEM Solar, you have made the right decision for your future energy needs.


Personal Consultation

As a licensed designer for both grid connected photovoltaic cells and battery storage, we offer you our knowledge gained from our years of experience in the industry. By having us audit and assess your power usage, we can design the very best system for your needs without surplus expense, and a personal consultation with us will demonstrate to you how you can achieve the best outcome for your future investment.  Talk to us about a custom design solution for your home or business.


Smart Home

For the average solar investor, rooftop solar panels contribute a portion of the transition to a more energy efficient building.

Developing an understanding of how to manage this efficiency under specific load conditions is crucial to understanding your available production and where improvements can be made to the efficient use of your power.


Energy Storage

Solar has progressed from merely just offering an immediate offset for your home or business' consumption to now providing an independent power source for your needs.  Technology has finally caught up and prices are falling.

Get in touch with us so that we can introduce you to the excellent energy storage solutions that we use and trust.