We’re a Team.

Our purpose is to Empower your Future, our niche is personalized service.

"In the years that I have been operating as an electrician, I've seen the good and bad that many businesses attempt to offer in their electrical and solar installation service.  This inspired me to create a business with a better vision for excellence in customer service, with the focus on sharing our knowledge of the trade with our customers, giving them the best advice and design that the industry has to offer - always backed up with the attention to detail in our work."

“For me, business is not just about completing transactions for money in order to retire...  personally, I believe it's about providing a service in a way that you feel it should be done.  We operate in a "buy and sell" industry where I see there can be a large gap in the way that clients are being treated compare to what they should reasonably expect to receive.”

”Our original business, Spectrum EM, was focused on energy management.  After watching many solar owners being treated on a level we felt was inappropriate, we decided to take the necessary leap and develop our own retail brand called SEM Solar. We are still the same reliable business that Spectrum EM was - and we still do general electrical work, but now we have evolved from that to become solar power specialists that focus on our passion of self-sustainment and smart management of energy.”


Lloyd Stokes covers the design of power systems and manages the team on-site. Kain is our second sparky with a great technical knowledge for the electrical industry. Jason makes up the install team and also supports the sales operation.

SEM Solar stands for all electricity consumers, both home and business.
As we push to create a list of clientele on first name basis, we hope to grow and develop a wider friendship circle on each and every project.



“Lloyd & the crew at SEM Solar were fabulous - from start to finish (& beyond!), a great job all round!”


“Lloyd could not have been more approachable and helpful during and post the install. Highly recommended solar system provider.”


“Would recommend this company and installer to anyone. Email communication excellent. Stated a day and time to install and was on time, pleasant, professional and efficient. System is functioning as advertised.”


“We were very impressed with the way SEM solar carried out the installation of our solar system. Very neat and tidy, no mess left behind and would definitely recommend this company to anyone who are thinking of having a solar system fitted.”


“Very prompt and personalised response to quote request. A Local small business with excellent follow up after installation.”


“Using SEM Solar was the best thing ever. 
It was very important to us to have the seller actually do the install as well - most companies will outsource this and the service then becomes terrible (this comment made by speaking with numerous people who did not realize the difference) I think that the one outstanding difference is the service and the follow up.”


“SEM Solar was my choice simply because of the prompt response to my request for a quote.Lloyd was very easy to talk to and there was no sales pressure.His explanation about the products was clear and helped me make the right choice for my property.”